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We are part of the Eco-EZ Network & are Conservationist friendly!

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 The camera traps have been snapping away to the tune of about 10000 images every 4 months.  We have even been getting some good videos of all the animals.  We are happy to report that the female ocelot ‘Crooked Tail’ or ‘Roi’, is still being seen on the cameras.  The Hognosed Striped Skunk is more common on camera than it was this time last year.  The new addition to the animals is the Gray Four Eyed Opossum and Grisson.  

Camera Traps and Going Wireless in the Jungle

Red Lored Parrot nesting at Ocho Verde

Instant Wild App

Ocho Verde is now part of the Osa Conservation Camera Trap Network, one of 13 camera sites in the Osa Peninsula region.  Camera Trap data is collected and studied to gain a sense of which animals are where and why. We were also invited to share our data(nearly 30,000 images) with the MAPCOBIO Project which records biodiversity from camera trap projects from all over Costa Rica.  

Finally, HCO and a private donor provided two wireless camera traps for use in our projects this year. Using this technology we have become one of the very first to receive live images from Central America in the United States.  This technology has been incorporated into an iPhone app by the  Zoological Society of London.  “Instant Wild” uses wireless camera trap images from select parts of the world to increase awareness of biodiversity.  Now, we can all see what is going on in our forest along with everybody else.  Here is the link to Instant Wild.

Click Here to follow us on eBirds and see recent photos. eBird is a great way to learn where to see the birds not only in Costa Rica but all over the world.  Check out our bird lists recorded on the Cornell website. and download you own free App.


Follow our cameras:

Puff Bird at Ocho Verde

Grey-lined Hawk at Paradise Tropical Garden

Baltimore Oriole at Paradise Tropical Garden