Wildlife Preserve

Golfito, Costa Rica

Artist Retreat

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We are part of the Eco-EZ Network & are Conservationist friendly!

Please contact us for discounted rates for active reseachers, based on availability.


Located near the Osa peninsula & Costa Rica’s remote Southern Pacific shore, Ocho Verde Preserve is comprised of 100 acres of lowland tropical rainforest and 16 additional acres of combined pastureland & old growth fruit orchards.

Purchased in 2010, South Carolina owners, Frank & Kate were drawn by the area’s authentic vibe. Frank, working in the film industry for over 20 years, and Kate a glass artist living in  Charleston, SC saw promise in the area of Golfito.

This region is a naturalist’s paradise and deemed by many as one of Costa Rica’s last wilderness frontiers. A large portion of the preserve consists of primary and secondary rainforest harboring rare hardwoods and many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, some endangered or threatened.

Rainforest creeks, trails, streams and several small waterfalls traverse the property, the source of which provides fresh drinking water and feeds the pool. The preserve is nestled amidst a ‘tropical fjord’, one of only three of such geological formations in the world.

Visiting Ocho Verde...

   You will grow accustom to the daily routines of many animals that live around the preserve. Howlers Monkeys can be heard sounding off in the distance at dawn & dusk. On occasion White-Faced Capuchins can be seen holding court in the trees above. Those with a discerning eye may see a sloth sleeping in the forest canopy or a tyra crossing the pasture. At lunchtime and throughout the day, tiny Red-Backed Squirrel Monkeys come down out of the canopy to visit the feeding station. You can hear them coming with their bird-like squeeks.

Walking Palm Trail: Ocho Verde Preserve

As evening approaches you will hear the ‘night shift’ starting to awaken. The mysterious call of the little tinamou, the laughing falcon, the ylang ylang tree as well as tropical cicadas; night sounds and scents beyond description fill the air starting at dusk.